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Hello! Welcome to the Energy Magic Frea-verse! Here is home to the Fairy Tail Fanon Universe where in an ancient, rare and powerful Magic resides and shapes the destiny of Frea- Fairy Tail Mage and The Energy Dragon Slayer. This Wiki is here to provide information on my series of stories involving Frea, and all other OCs and Magic seen within the series- now dubbed the Fairy Tail Frea-verse! Here for all questions and Info related to the stories, the characters, Magic, and events!

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This Wikia is still heavily under construction, and I am doing my best to put everything up that I can! So please bear with me!


Disclaimer: I Do NOT own Fairy Tail or any of it's characters or story Arcs! I DO however own ALL of My OCs, Magics, Ideas, and Story lines! If you steal any of it- I will find you!

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