The Information below contains spoilers for Books 2-3. If you do not wish to spoil the story for yourself- stop reading Now.

Jynx's Guild Card

Alias(s) Master Spirit Mage
Race Human (formerly)


Gender Female
Age Unknown- presumably died

at the age of 13

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location Left Shoulder Blade
Occupation Mage


Base of Operations Fairy Tail Guild Hall (formerly)

The White Plane

Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Unknown
Magic Spirit Magic

Sealing Magic


Astral Projection


Book Book 2- Energy Magic
Chapter Chapter 13- Find Me

Jynx is a ghost that appears within the Frea-verse story line, first seen in Book 2- 'Energy Magic', Chapter 13. She remains an important figure throughout the rest of the series.

Background: Edit

Not much is known about Jynx's past life, she joined Fairy Tail at a young age at a time before Makarov Dreyer was named Guild Master.

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