The Information below contains spoilers for Books 2-3. If you do not wish to spoil the story for yourself- stop reading Now.

Alias(s) None
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown

Black (formerly)

Eye Color Green

Red (Formerly)

Professional Status
Affiliation Death Bolt
Occupation Dark Mage

Independent Mage

Personal Status
Status Inactive (In Custody)
Relative(s) Kasumi (Mother) (Deceased)

Tomaru (Father)

Kyo (Brother) (Deceased)

Shadow (Dark Demon Inside of Her) (Formerly)

Magic Shadow Magic (formerly)

Requip- Elemental

Other Item(s) Wide array of weapons, including swords, halberds, staffs, bow, etc.
Book Book 3- Balance In Our Lives
Chapter Chapter 49- Into Death Bolt's Shadow