The Information below contains spoilers for Books 1-3. If you do not wish to spoil the story for yourself- stop reading Now.

Alias (s) Dark Demon
Race Demon (Dark)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Age Unknown
Personal Status
Status Unknown- Presumed Deceased
Relatives Frea

Zeref (Creator)


Magic Shadow Magic

Transformation Magic


Body Transfer

Book #1- Lost Life
Chapter Chapter 2- Where Have You Been? (Mentioned)Chapter 10- It's Driving Me Insane! (Appeared)

Shadow is a Dark Demon, one of the many Zeref created in his many Books- and is a Main Antagonist within the First Book of the Frea-verse story line. Her First appearance is in Chapter 10 of Book 1- 'Lost Life', though she is previously mentioned in the Second Chapter. She is mentioned and referenced throughout the rest of the stories.

Background: Edit

Very little is known about the creation of Shadow, other than the belief she was a Demon created by Zeref- who created many such beings in his time.